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Entry #2


2009-11-29 18:34:23 by Spidey8599

Apperently I can't put up more than 2 vids a day. Unfortuenely the other 2 got blammed. I cant wait.


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2009-11-30 16:13:34

you suck come back to newgrounds when you hit puberty kid.

Spidey8599 responds:

no man it was just the first time it happened to me so I didn't know. jeez.


2009-11-30 16:51:33

no wonder u got blammed, u suck :/


2009-11-30 16:52:27

sil3ntkill..u havnt exactly hit puberty either..even though ur right..but still


2010-01-16 02:08:05

ok mickster was a little harsh,and siintkiii was too but anyways i dont think you'll go anywere with the crapy animation.people are stupid,so they "colorful" pictures to look at so they can fucking rot there brains.also,be careful useing your real voice in vedios,that can make people juge you too.and you know.if you have freinds that draw good on the computer you can ask them to help yo know(heck i'll even help).


2010-02-10 20:16:30

When I was younger, I tried to do something like this once, too. I had converted a frame by frame Powerpoint to flash. Mine also could hardly be seen, and the quality was terrible.

I advise you to just wait until you can get a full official Adobe flash program, or try to get a legitimate free one.

(You've probably seen this on your latest submission's eulogy, but just in case.)